Expect The Unexpected

There are few positive certainties for #socialhousing in the UK following the unexpected election of a conservative majority government. But if there’s a lesson from 2010, it’s that the sector should expect the unexpected – and some potentially very radical changes. The Known Knowns Universal Credit will roll out to include rent payments for all…

The value for money of responsive repairs in #socialhousing

Repairs and maintenance. The biggest area of expenditure for landlords (£1.9bn by #housingassociations in 2013-14), and an emotive subject close to many #socialhousing customer’s ( and regulator’s) hearts and minds. Could some spend less and more wisely on routine maintenance to help build more #affordablehomes? http://www.phhsl.co.uk/news–views/housing-association-routine-maintenance-costs-the-top-and-bottom-in-english-socialhousing